Value-added services.

What else we can do for you.

We adapt production facilities to new requirements and make them fit for future challenges.

Change Management

Whether calibrations, a retrofit or an upgrade... there are various ways to get the most out of your system.

We are at your side with our comprehensive expertise and a wide range of options to provide you with the best possible support.

We offer the following services:

Life Cycle Management

The JAG PdiCS automation solution enables hardware replacement without the need to adapt the software. We offer a seamless migration path from the first generation of the JAG controller to the latest generation JAG PdiCS+. A hardware migration can be carried out without re-qualification.

Every year, we inform all our customers about the current status of our hardware and software solutions as part of our product lifecycle management. Customers with a valid support contract also receive a customized overview and recommendations to keep their system reliably up to date.

Software Certification

You want to migrate the IT infrastructure or IT peripheral systems to a new platform.

To ensure that the JAG applications function perfectly in the new environment, we offer you appropriate test and certification services:

  • Tests and verifications

  • Confirmation or certification that the JAG applications are functioning in the in the new environment.


Is your system control unit outdated or no longer supported? Don't worry, but your system is still running smoothly? With a retrofit, only the components that are really necessary are adapted. We bring your production system up to date for the coming years with minimal disruption and the minimum use of resources. Retrofitting pays off: Modernizing a mechanically intact system through intelligent automation is many times more resource-efficient than replacing it with a new system.

Small projects

Sometimes it only takes small, targeted adjustments or extensions to optimize your process plant for your needs. We handle such orders quickly and reliably.


We undertake calibration work after planned maintenance or repair of your system, even at short notice. We also take on the coordination if support from certified partners is required. Once the calibration has been completed, we will provide you with clean and complete documentation of all the work carried out.

We offer the following calibration work:

  • PT100 temperature sensors in the reference oven
  • Pressure sensors (max. 10 bar) with pressure calibrator
  • Speed agitators (e.g. Ekato) with optical
  • speed measuring device
  • Level measurement (differential pressure sensor)
  • Flow mass device, 0 - 2,000 kg
  • Surface roughness

For all other calibrations, we work closely with accredited companies and coordinate the timely and professional implementation of the calibration.


We carry out inspections periodically or as required (e.g. before campaigns).

Inspections can be carried out without interrupting production or reducing production capacity.

  • Planning basis for preventive maintenance
  • Early detection of wear and possible faults
  • Less unplanned production downtime


Do you have a specific problem with your system and don't yet know exactly how to solve it? Perhaps you would like to modernize your system, but are not yet sure what is possible and what makes sense? Or would you like to automate manual processes or finally digitize paper logs?

Our experts are always available to answer all these questions and many more. Ask for an appointment for a personal consultation


We overhaul and repair mechanical components and products on site or in our own workshop.

In addition to our own JAG products, we also repair mechanical components from third-party manufacturers.

We repair JAG control components of all generations in our own electronics laboratory, where economically viable.

Repair services

  • Function tests
  • Adjustment and calibration
  • Test reports
  • Manufacturer certificates for certified consumables and spare parts


  • High reliability
  • Extension of service life
  • 100% traceability

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Stefan Schulze

Head of Customer Service

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