Maintenance and spare parts handling.

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Preventive maintenance reduces plant downtime to the max.

Preventive maintenance

Scheduled periodic maintenance works substantially contribute to minimisation of plant downtime.

We perform preventive maintenance on electrical and mechanical components as well as on control systems.

Maintenance services

We plan these preventive maintenance works together with our clients.

  • Planning of maintenance works (risk analysis, minimisation of downtime)
  • Planning based on operating data and operational scenarios
  • Performance of maintenance with checklists and according to SOPs
  • Documentation of maintenance services
  • Standardised and documented handover of the plant upon completion of maintenance


Even on short notice, we perform calibration jobs after scheduled maintenance or servicing of your plant.


  • Experienced specialists

  • Independent performance of calibration jobs

  • Complete and seamless documentation

Calibration jobs:

    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Flow rate
    • Turbidity measurement
    • Rotation speed rev/min
    • Conductivity
    • pH value
    • Weight

Spare parts

  • Provision of lists of consumables and spare parts for JAG products and plants
  • Compilation of packages of consumables and spare parts
  • Spare parts sales and delivery
  • Installation of spare parts on site
  • Repair of replaced parts (where possible and practicable)


We carry out inspections periodically or as required (e.g. before campaigns).

Inspections can be carried out without interrupting production or reducing production capacity.


  • Basis for planning preventive maintenance

  • Early detection of wear and possible faults

  • Fewer unscheduled production outages


We overhaul and repair mechanical components and products on site or in our own workshop.

In addition to our own JAG products, we also repair third-party mechanical components.

We use our own Electronics Laboratory to repair JAG control system components of all generations when economically viable.

Repair services

  • Function tests

  • Alignment and calibration

  • Test protocols

  • Manufacturer certificates for certified consumables and spare parts


  • High reliability

  • Extended service life

  • 100% traceability

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