A mobile & manipulator robot.

Agile. Collaborative. Flexible.

Our mobile manipulator robots are safe, reliable and provide a link between different equipments or work areas.

How to free your employees from repetitive and monotonous time-consuming tasks.

Mobile manipulator robots allow to automate a large number of transport and logistic tasks within and between laboratories, production, quality control, analysis etc. in a simple, economical and safe way.

The autonomous shuttles search for the fastest route to their destination, bypassing obstacles and avoiding collisions. They pass through doors, use elevators and move through the various floors to reach the area or equipment to be served.


As an integrator of customized robotic solutions, our major strength lies in the fact that we have long-standing experience and know-how in highly standardized environments such as the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries.

Advantages of the mobile & manipulator robot

  • These mobile manipulators are a 2-in-1 solution, combining the technologies and advantages of mobile and collaborative robots.
  • To meet your needs, these robots can be customized in terms of : paints, storage systems (rotating or not), vision (2D, 3D, lidar), data readers (barcode, datamatrix, RFID), grippers, size, payload, reach and much more.
  • They of course interface with the equipment (production, formulation, analysis), the building (storage, door, elevator) and the users (operators and administrators) through the JAG MES.
  • If desired, the coupling can be carried out with artificial intelligence or machine learning tools such as those proposed by our partner Atinary in Lausanne.
Robotique mobile
Robotique mobile
Intégration de systèmes de robots mobiles autonomes industriels

Mobile & manipulator robotics.

Integration of autonomous mobile manipulator systems.

Short description of the possibilities offered by this technology.

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Head of Robotics

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